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Get this 60GB Video Ipod for Free

11/02/08 8:01 PM

I am giving away a 60GB Video Ipod for Free!!!


This free ipod giveaway marks the official launch of My goal is to giveaway a car for free by the end of the year. Seriously, I would love to raise enough money through this site to give away a brand new car to one lucky reader of this blog. Read more about my goals for this site here.

Consider this giveaway the first step in a fun giveaway journey!

The Video Ipod Specs
Classic iPod 60GB Black (MA147LL/A)

• Plays music, videos and photo slideshows
• Up to 20 hours of music
• Works with PC and Mac
• Includes earphones

How do I win?
There are up to 5 chances to win this great prize.

1. Join our mailing list – Click Here

2. Subscribe to our RSS by email – Click Here

3. Write a post on your blog or site and use at least one of these HTML links
<a href=””>Get Free Stuff</a>
<a href=””>Free video ipod</a>

4. Stumble this site.

5. Subscribe to this blog and leave a comment. (Please make an on topic comment and no spam.)

For every verifiable task you complete, you will be entered into the contest that many times. So for example, if you complete all five tasks then you will be entered five times into the contest. Complete 4 tasks and you will get four entries, etc…

What’s the Catch?
There is no catch. Check out the Get Free mission.

The fine Print.
Read Contest Rules here. Contest starts today 2-11-2008 and ends 3-10-2008 11:59 pm EST.

Good luck to everyone.

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15 Comments on “Get this 60GB Video Ipod for Free”

  1. crashers525 Says:

    Good Luck on your site. Hope I win.

  2. jaxim Says:

    Count me in. I have blogged about this giveaway on my blog. So that should count as another entry:


  3. Indo Contest » Win 60GB Video iPod For Free Says:

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  4. indocontest Says:

    Great contest. im in.
    already do all your task.
    So i think i got 5 entry. 🙂
    here my post :

  5. The Site is One Week Old - Here Are The Stats | Get Free Stuff & Great Deals! Says:

    […] official launch of this site was February 11th 2008. We marked the launch of the site with a free ipod contest. It’s still going on so be sure to sign up and with a Free 60 GB video […]

  6. mrgee Says:

    I have done a lot of the tasks so I hope I win, because I badly want that Video iPod. 🙂

    I have blogged about the contest here:
    I have stumbled your blog as jix2. I have subscribed to your RSS be email, the same as here on this comment. I have also registered to post this comment.

    So I guess that makes 4 entries for me. Let me know if I win please.

    Thanks and regards!

  7. mrgee Says:

    However, I forgot to mention that I am not in USA. Will that be a problem or I need to pay the shipping fee myself?

  8. zeeb Says:

    Thanks for the contest. I’ve subscribed, opted in and stumbled you. Hope you get lots of traffic!

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    […] contest ends 3-10-2008 11:59 pm EST. There is still time to enter to win!!! Go to the 60GB Video Ipod Free giveaway page and enter the […]

  10. shman Says:

    Great contest, I have subscribed to everything You have :). I hope for win :D.

  11. lilyk Says:

    Please enter me into the contest. Thanks!

  12. Video ipod Contest update | Get Free Stuff & Great Deals! Says:

    […] We will pick a winner this weekend. We will also give full details of the free video ipod giveaway. […]

  13. No Response Yet | Get Free Stuff & Great Deals! Says:

    […] winner of the free video ipod contest has not responded to my emails. Sucks for them but great for the rest of you guys… If I do not […]

  14. WTriphahn Says:

    I would love to win the free ipod 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. ben1000 Says:

    well i just started so i didnt do allot but i can say this i wish i could get it cuz things always have to go but never stay you know but hey i look at life is unfair but i really hate not having music when i walk the dogs or even have the best music to listen to when going to sleep i just have to say i want it yes but to help me and others out if they want to borrow you know i see it as a benefit to help me and my friends you know to have fun you got to think of others you know

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