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About US

Welcome to Get Things Free.

This site is an online marketing experiment.

We hope to answer the following question in the affirmative.

Can I make money online giving away free stuff?

Yes!!!!! As long as I truly give away free stuff and not ask people for credit cards or to sign up for a trail service, which then rolls over into a monthly requiring fee, such as Netflix or Gamefly.

We have all seen the free ipod scams, in fact MSN did a nice write up on this all too common scam. You can read it hear. This site will be the exact opposite.

My goal is to giveaway a brand new car for free by the end of the year. I hope to make one lucky blog subscribers year!

I will offer at least one free giveaway a month. No purchase will be necessary. You will not be asked for a credit card at anytime.

Check the current giveaway.

What’s the catch?
The catch is you need to do at least one of three things to register for my free giveaway.

1. Join our mailing list.
2. Post a link on your website or blog
3. Join our RSS feed by mail.

Every task you complete, gives you an entry to win.

What if I don’t want to do any of these tasks?
That’s cool, but you can’t win any of the great things we are giving away for free. Sorry.

If you don’t want to win free stuff you can still find great deals on the net. I will post, almost daily, free stuff and great deals from around the web. Please feel free to check back often to find great deals on everything from computers to clothes.

What will you do with my email?
I will notify winners via email only. Once you sign up for our mailing list, you are automatically entered in all future drawings.

I will NOT sell your email address to anyone. I will NOT spam you. However, from time to time, I will send emails about products or services you may like.

Need help finding free stuff or great deals online?
If you are in the market for something, like a new 50 inch 1080p LCD let me know and I will post the best deals I can find. My friends ask me all the time to find them the great deals on particular items and I usually find killer deals. I will also post links to other deal sites. Ask me here.

How will this site make money?
Once traffic picks up I will sell ad space on the site. Until then I will use Google ads. The site will also have affiliate links throughout the site. I may or may not specifically call out an affiliate link on the site so it’s best to assume it is.

So what’s the end goal?
Make money. The more money this site generates the more cool free stuff I can give away. The ultimate goal for 2008 is to give away a new car. Not sure if this will happen, but you never know… We will start with a free ipod and see where it takes us.

And remember; “If it’s free it’s for me!”

Best of Luck,


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