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Thank you for visiting The privacy of our readers is very important to us. The following privacy policy will explain what we will do with your personal information. reserves the right to change or modify these Terms at
any time without notice to you. So please check back often to see if our policies have changed.

Use of Information gathered during Sweepstakes will collect your name and email address for each sweepstakes. The provided email address will be used to contact the winner. Sweepstakes entrants will automatically be enrolled to receive the e-mail newsletter which has free stuff and Deal information, new product information, product reviews and more. This subscription is at no cost. From time
to time, we allow our advertisers to make targeted, relevant offers to our subscribers by email. All such offers are approved by as to their content. Such advertisers tend to be video game services, software or hardware companies and other audio/visual media companies.

If you would like to enter Sweepstakes/promotions but not receive the other mailings – please click here to be removed from our subscriber database.

This site is not intended for minors. Sweepstakes and promotions are not open to any person under the age of 18 and as such we do not market to minors.
If a parent feels their child has submitted their information to us, we ask that they please contact us so we can have the child’s personal information removed from our database. Please contact us by email using the sites contact us form, located here.

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We track website activity per user. We may track a users IP address, referral URL, time spent on site, pages visited, Click trough rates, etc. This anonymous data is used to improve the website experience and offer better services and promotions

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We often link off to other websites and we can not be held responsible for the content or accuracy of information on any third party websites. Hyperlinks are for reference only. does not accept any responsibility or liability for content contained at such sites

We use cookies to keep track of you when you visit You have the right to disable or delete your cookies, but this may make it impossible to provide certain services to you.

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You may send an email to the us using the sites contact form. Located here.
This Privacy Policy was updated 2/11/2007.

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