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Free Overnight Shipping on Select Invicta Watches

12/02/08 4:16 PM


Amazon now has Free Overnight Shipping on Select Invicta Watches

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This is a true story.
Speaking of watches… I went to a local watch shop to have the battery replaced in my 8 year old swiss army watch. I think the watch cost about $300 dollars when I bought it.

The watch shop is adjacent to Beverly Hills and they carry very high end stuff. The lady in front of me was picking up her $700 leather band for her watch. I am sure the watch cost thousands.

Anyway… I walked in to the shop and it was very busy, it reminded me of a busy fish market. I told the guard I need my battery replaced and who should I speak with. The 8 dollar an hour guard looked at my watch and said there is a Sears or Wal-Mart down the road… He then laughed and said he was kidding and pointed me in the right direction.

Wow I got slammed by a rent a cop. It’s not like I brought in a 5 dollar Timex. (There is nothing wrong with Timex, I have owned many in my life time.) I thought about insulting him back, but what good would that do.

The lady who helped me at the counter was very courteous and treated me like a valued customer.

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