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HP Pavilion dv2710us 14.1″ Laptop $679 at Circuit City

10/02/08 7:00 PM


HP Pavilion dv2710us 14.1″ Laptop

I have this exact same computer. I really enjoy the computer. Circuit City users have rated this computer 3.8 star out of 4 stars. I agree it’s not a 4 star computer, but it’s pretty close. Read user reviews here.

I do have a couple of issues with the laptop. The “quick play” feature is annoying. There is a way to disable it but I just have not taken the time to do so. The sound controls are not very good. The major drawback is it came with Vista. Vista is a resource hog and has un-needed applications running. It took me a day to fine tune the machine.

At $679, this computer is a deal. Get it from Circuit City with free shipping. There is a $50 mail in rebate. That is the only drawback. Wish it was an instant rebate…

Here are the specs on the laptop:
• AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60
• 160GB hard drive
• Built-in wireless 802.11bg
• 2GB of DDR2 memory
• Burns DVDs and CDs
• Built-in webcam

Expiration: 04/05/08

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